Right now, the steel casting industry is at peak production. Your facility has been running so hard for so long that quality has started to take a hit. Equipment is beginning to fail. The price for steel has increased, but you can’t take full advantage of that if your casting quality continues to decrease. 

So, how can steel casters like you make equipment updates and improve your casting quality without interrupting productivity?  Kiss Technologies has solutions:

How to Improve Steel Cast Quality Without Disrupting Productivity 

One of the simplest ways to minimize steel casting disruptions is to get proactive about monitoring how your machinery is functioning. Mold oscillation monitoring helps steel casters get in front of mold oscillation problems — one of the most common causes of breakouts and decreased casting quality. 

Mold oscillation monitoring systems measure mold oscillators in both cold and casting conditions, collecting data that can be used to make informed decisions. With a wealth of data and the proper analysis, operators can proactively identify conditions that indicate a breakout or loss in casting quality, before it happens. While you may have to trade a few hours of downtime to get monitoring systems set up, once you have the data and the technology, you can effectively avoid most, if not all, future unplanned downtime.

Kiss Technologies offers a range of technology, products, and services that help you get in front of mold oscillation problems, helping you improve steel cast quality without disrupting productivity. 

Key Solutions to Improve Cast Quality Without Disrupting Productivity

At Kiss Technologies, it’s always our goal to support steel casters as they work to cast the highest quality steel as efficiently as possible. Our mold oscillation monitoring systems come in a range of service and support options to ensure that your facility gets the level of monitoring you need to implement the most effective solutions for your facility. Our mold oscillation monitoring products and services include:


If your team is looking to improve cast quality, but you don’t have the capacity to set up new equipment and monitor the data yourself, the KT450FieldSERVICE monitoring system is ideal. Get mold oscillator analysis exactly when you need it, with support from an expert technician. 

A KT450 service technician uses our sophisticated portable system to quickly evaluate and report on the condition of your oscillator. We’ll monitor key data points like:

  • Positive & Negative Strip Time and Ratio
  • Mold Lead
  • Friction Index
  • Oscillation Mark Depth
  • Up/Down Displacement
  • Left/Right Displacement 
  • Front/Back Displacement
  • Residual Displacement
  • Phase
  • Rise/Fall Ratio
  • Low, Medium, and High-Frequency Vibrations

With an accurate picture of each of those data points, our experienced technicians can provide immediate insight into the performance of your steel casting system. Key elements we provide include:

  • Identification of any mold oscillator mechanical or control issues
  • Information on which caster mold oscillators should be prioritized for maintenance
  • Comparison of oscillator performance in non-casting and casting conditions

The benefit of the KT450 FieldSERVICE offering is that you gain instant access to our advanced equipment, plus an experienced, trained technician who can help you make sense of all that valuable data. 

This insight ensures that you’re able to make educated, data-based decisions about the health and maintenance of your steel casting machinery. Only make repairs where they’re absolutely needed, keeping your cast quality and production up.

KT400 FieldMOMS System

If your facility sees and would like to invest in the long-term benefits of mold oscillation monitoring, you can purchase the KT400 FieldMOMS System. The same system our technicians use with KT450 FieldSERVICE, this system gives you regular access to our advanced technology, which means you can monitor mechanical conditions and casting quality at any time. 

Our KT400 FieldMOMS system offers both non-casting mechanical diagnostics as well as short-term online measurement while casting. Quick and easy to set up, with the system on-site, your operators will be able to measure all of the data points mentioned above. 

KT500 OnLineMOMS

Real-time mold oscillation monitoring, around the clock. The KT500 OnLineMOMS system offers continuous process and mechanical feedback while casting — in real-time.

  • Add friction measurement to gain even better insights to process parameters. 
  • Determine optimal casting parameters and lubrication practices. 
  • Analyze the data yourself or reach out to Kiss Technologies engineers for data analysis and recommendations.

With instant data, your operators can easily identify issues, prioritize maintenance, and stop breakouts before they happen. 

How Preventative Maintenance Can Keep Steel Casting Productivity & Quality Up

Your casting equipment has been keeping up for months. If you’re starting to notice an uptick in breakouts or if your casting quality is degrading, now is the time to reinvest in your equipment. Kiss Technologies solutions are easy to install and deliver nearly immediate results. 

Stop guessing at maintenance, and only make the equipment repairs you need to improve your productivity and casting quality. Choosing high-quality monitoring and measurement systems helps you maintain high production levels and high casting quality, without breakouts or downtime. 

If you have more questions about our range of mold oscillation monitoring systems, or if you would like to invest in the best service or product for your team, get in touch with Kiss Technologies. For more information about the impact that mold oscillation has on casting quality, we encourage you to check out the Importance of Mold Oscillation guide below. 

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